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2/7/21 | Embrace Love | Cody Graves

1/24/21 | Embrace Habits | Cody Graves

1/17/21 | Embrace Generosity | Cody Graves

1/3/21 | Embrace Your Limits | Cody Graves

1/10/21 | Embrace Your Limits | Cody Graves

12/20/20 | Uncomplicating the Message | Cody Graves

12/27/20 | Uncomplicating the Mission | Cody Graves

9/20/20 | Knowing God | Cody Graves

11/15/20 | It’s Not Fair | Cody Graves

12/6/20 | I Don’t Have the Right | Cody Graves

11/8/20 | Justice Should Be Fair | Cody Graves

9/6/20 | Christian? | Cody Graves

9/13/20 | Encountering Christ | Cody Grave

7/12/20 | Not My Time | Cody Graves

3/31/20 | Chains of the Past | Cody Graves

1/26/20 | Does God Really Exist? | Cody Graves

2/2/20 | Why Would a Good God Allow Suffering? | Cody Graves

2/9/20 | Are Science and Religion Enemies? | Cody Graves

2/16/20 | Why Would God Send Anyone to Hell? | Cody Graves

2/23/20 | What We Leave Behind | Cody Graves

3/1/20 | The Main Ingredient in Change | Cody Graves

3/8/20 | Limiting Our Legacy | Cody Graves

3/29/20 | What Matters Most? | Cody Graves

4/5/20 | Where Do You Turn for Help? | Cody Graves

4/12/20 | We’ve All Broken the Rules | Cody Graves

4/19/20 | I Want You! | Cody Graves

4/26/20 | I Want All of You | Cody Graves

5/3/20 | I Want Repentance | Cody Graves

How can adults get involved?

Small Groups

Our goal at FCC is for every adult to join a small group. Cody Graves organizes the groups. Groups spend an hour every week studying scripture or a great book for part of the time, and then just hanging out with each other the rest of the time. There is always prayer too. Small groups are an essential step in a Christian’s walk. If you’d like to sign up for a small group, text “Groups” to 620-254-0491 and we will walk you through the process of small group sign up!


Join our choir led by the wonderful Lori Lindsey. All ages are welcome!! Practices are every Wednesday at 7pm. Performances are usually every Sunday morning during the church’s worship service. Our choir also puts on a Christmas Cantata every year. Choir does not meet or perform over the summer.

FCC Kids’ Service

In order to give our children the best Bible teaching possible, FCC holds a children’s church service in conjunction with the main service. This special time gives kids more opportunity for interaction and learning in a context and manner that may be better suited to their age and learning styles. Every week, we have one adult helper assist the Children’s Minister, Tiffany Graves, during the FCC Kids service. Join the roster!

Social Media

Like, comment, and share all the social media content you see from FCC. We have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Service Teams

  • FIT Team – Contact Lori Kellum or Tina Gaines

Adult Sunday Schools:

  • Men’s Bible Study
      • Leader:  Kyle Crotts
      • Meets every Sunday morning 9:30 to 10:15am in Fellowship Hall
  • Women’s Bible Study
      • Leader:  Michele Hensley
      • Meets every Sunday morning 9:30 to 10:15am in Middle School Classroom
  • Disciple’s Women’s Group
      • General Meeting, meets every 3 months.
  • Ruth Group
      • Leader:  Gayla Rydberg
      • Meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm
  • Christian Men’s Fellowship
    • Community Prayer Breakfast each Tuesday at 7:00 am (Rotates monthly to different churches in the area)

Other Activities

Summer Mowing – Sign Up at Church
Health Class – Contact Melissa
Great Day of Service – Contact Cody Graves
Habitat for Humanities Trips – Contact Angela Burrows
Vacation Bible School – Contact Tiffany Graves
Praise Team – contact Tyler Graves
Various fundraisers by Ruth Group and CYF – Info Provided on Sundays


How can students get involved?

Chi-Rho (6th-8th grade)

The incredible __________________ leads our middle school age group. Chi-Rho meets every Sunday morning at 9:30am and Wednesday night at 7pm. Bring your middle school students to encouraging and helpful meetings in which their leader helps guide them on their journey through Middle School. Yummy treats and fun games and events are a usual occurrence in this group!

CYF (9th-12th grade)

The amazing Angela Burrows leads our high school age group with the help from the wonderful Ross Davis and Cody Graves. CYF meets at the church in the CYF room every Wednesday at 7pm. Not only does the CYF group have engaging and relevant meetings during this time, but they also play fun games and eat great snacks. Furthermore, they partake in a lot of great service projects throughout the year. The most well-known of these is the Habitat for Humanity trip every summer – it is a can’t miss opportunity!

Social Media

Like, comment, and share all the Facebook posts you see from Chi-Rho and CYF.

Other Activities

Habitat for Humanity Trips – Contact Angela Burrows
Vacation Bible School – Contact Tiffany Graves
Easter Egg Hunt – Contact Tiffany Graves
FCC Kids’ Christmas Program – Contact Tiffany Graves
Great Day of Service – Contact Cody Graves
Choir – Contact Lori Lindsey
Random Service Projects – Contact Angela Burrows


How can children get involved?

FCC Kids

Our Children’s Minister, Tiffany Graves, leads FCC Kids. FCC Kids meets every Sunday morning at 9:30am for Sunday school and 10:30am for FCC Kids Service (the children’s own worship service that occurs alongside the adults’ Sunday worship service). FCC Kids also meets every Wednesday at 7pm.
Children are divided into two groups based on their age. Children will experience fun songs and dancing, engaging stories with real-life application, challenging memory verses, exciting games, lots of crafts, and even some worthwhile prizes.
FCC Kids has a ton of events throughout the year for  you and your children to enjoy! (See below.)


All children must be checked in and out through our computer system at the entrance to the FCC Kids area. No one has access to the FCC Kids environment other than the leader, the volunteers (for that gathering), and the children. All safety precautions are followed in the FCC Kids environment. All volunteers have background checks. We have a system in place to contact you in case of emergency. All children must have updated information in our computer system.

Social Media

Like, comment, and share all the social media content you see from FCC Kids. We have a Facebook and Instagram page!

Other Activities

Easter Egg Hunt – Contact Tiffany Graves
Vacation Bible School – Contact Tiffany Graves
Fall Festival – Contact Tiffany Graves
FCC Kids’ Christmas Program – Contact Tiffany Graves
Great Day of Service – Contact Tiffany Graves
Exciting News!
FCC Kids is changing!!
We are renovating our environment, updating our theme, and maximizing our security.
We are looking to be finished with revamping FCC Kids by the end of Summer 2020!
Stay updated with our progress on our Facebook/Instagram page.
7/26/20 | Not My Church | Cody Graves

8/2/20 | Facing the Giants | Cody Graves

8/30/20 | The Main Ingredient | Cody Graves

7/5/20 | It’s Not About Me | Cody Graves

8/9/20 | A Tactical Retreat | Cody Graves
We are undergoing some construction right now at FCC. Because of this, the video and sound quality of this video suffers. Please bear with us as we make these updates to our sanctuary.

6/14/20 | Delightful Fear | Cody Graves

6/21/20 | No More Enemies | Cody Graves

6/7/20 | Our Part | Cody Graves

8/16/20 | The Invisible Enemy | Cody Graves

8/23/20 | What We All Need | Cody Graves
We are currently undergoing some remodeling, which includes upgrading our sound system. Right now, that sound system is in transition. We apologize for the audio quality at times during this sermon. Bear with us!

5/10/20 | I Want You to Have Hope | Cody Graves

5/17/20 | God’s Bigger | Cody Graves

5/24/20 | Control Freak | Cody Graves