Prayer Request

D'Nay, July 25, 2020 - 2:25 pm

here to give praise for our FCC family & this community! I pray God's hands on both! Let US Daily lift up both in a POSITIVE manner! God you are so AWESOME & i have WAY to much to put in WORDS…..yet…. God…. you are ALL KNOWING & you KNOW our hearts & our NEEDS…. help us to make a DIFFERENCE in a MIGHTY & POSITIVE way! I pray thIS in MY life NOW…MORE THEN EVER NOW!! I give GLORY in this life before the storm & during it! What an AMAZING & GLOUROUS time AFTER the storm WILL BE … oh i feel it in my spirit now! I'VE been HERE before. I NEED HIS touch in a MIGHTY way…. oh Lord how i NEED others to lift me/us up…. the storm is just a WHISPER in time & i pray VICTORIA in Jesus name for a SAFE LANDING! Amen!! i do ask for agreement in is MIGHTY NAME! In this MOMENT NOW! God IS good! Let us PRAISE HIM TOGETHER! Be blessed & be a blessing!💜💜💜