How can students get involved?

Chi-Rho (6th-8th grade)

The incredible __________________ leads our middle school age group. Chi-Rho meets every Sunday morning at 9:30am and Wednesday night at 7pm. Bring your middle school students to encouraging and helpful meetings in which their leader helps guide them on their journey through Middle School. Yummy treats and fun games and events are a usual occurrence in this group!

CYF (9th-12th grade)

The amazing Angela Burrows leads our high school age group with the help from the wonderful Ross Davis and Cody Graves. CYF meets at the church in the CYF room every Wednesday at 7pm. Not only does the CYF group have engaging and relevant meetings during this time, but they also play fun games and eat great snacks. Furthermore, they partake in a lot of great service projects throughout the year. The most well-known of these is the Habitat for Humanity trip every summer – it is a can’t miss opportunity!

Social Media

Like, comment, and share all the Facebook posts you see from Chi-Rho and CYF.

Other Activities

Habitat for Humanity Trips – Contact Angela Burrows
Vacation Bible School – Contact Tiffany Graves
Easter Egg Hunt – Contact Tiffany Graves
FCC Kids’ Christmas Program – Contact Tiffany Graves
Great Day of Service – Contact Cody Graves
Choir – Contact Lori Lindsey
Random Service Projects – Contact Angela Burrows